All About Home Based Business Owners And Commercial Business Insurance In Bay Harbor Islands

Insurance and taxes can mix in ways you wouldn't expect. As a person who runs a home-based business, I have thought about setting aside a small space designated as a home office. Well, come to find out, you might need an insurance policy on that space or at least on what occupies that space. You see, commercial business insurance has to cover those types of losses, so you can't expect your homeowners insurance to do anything. That is a gray area that many home based business owners aren't aware of, and I was just made aware of it today myself.

As Far As I Know There Are Seven Types Of Business Insurance

How many types of business insurance do you think there are? You would be surprised to find out the answer. You might be able to name some of them, but can you name them all? Let's see if I can. There is professional liability insurance, property insurance, workers compensation insurance and product liability insurance.

But wait, that's not all. There is also home based business insurance, vehicle insurance and business interruption insurance. I think that's all, but I'm not even sure to tell you the truth. It could be that there are other types of commercial business insurance out there.

How to Hire the Best Business Insurance Company In Bay Harbor Islands

Hire the Best Business Insurance Company In Bay Harbor Islands

One of the most important things of owning a business is having a good insurance policy. You will want a good insurance policy to make sure you are covered for property damage and liability. Here is a tip to find a great business insurance company .

If you have an auto insurance policy that you think is great, be sure to call them to see if they offer business insurance. If they do offer a business insurance then you know you will be in good hands because you can trust them already. This is one way to find reliable insurance.

An Overview Of Bay Harbor Islands, Miami Florida

Bay Harbor Islands is a small town that is located in the Miami-Dade County in Florida. As of 2010, the town had a popular of around 5700. Bay Harbor Islands is separated from the mainland of the state by the Biscayne Bay. The two land masses are connected together by the Broad Causeway.

On the mainland, Bay Harbor Islands shares a border with North Miami City, and to the east, it shares borders with both Surfside and Bal Harbour. On the south of the town lies Indian Creek, one of the most exclusive communities in the Miami-Dade area. The town is located conveniently near Miami International Airport. The commute one way is less than 20 minutes.

The History Of Bay Harbor Islands

The town came into existence by the foresight of its founder, Sherpard Broad. Mr. Broad arrived in the United States from Russia in 1920 when he was 14 years old. By the time he was 21, he held a degree in law that he obtained from New York Law School. He practiced law until the 1940s, and then moved with his wife to South Florida.

Five years later, Mr. Broad acquired two mangrove swamp islands that were undeveloped. These swamp islands were located in Miami off of 96th Street. These swamp islands could not be seen during high tide. Using his own money, and the profits from other real estate sales, Mr. Broad watched as the area began to grow.

Mr. Broad and his wife, Ruth, also lived in Bay Harbor Islands, and Mr. Broad stayed there until his death in 2001.

Things To Do In Bay Harbor Islands

Although the town is small, there is no shortage of things for visitors to see and do while they are in the area. The first thing that visitors should take note of is the weather. With plenty of sun-filled days, this is an excellent place to visit any time of the year.

There are several hotels in the area where you can reserve a room for one night or for one week. Some of the hotels in the area are:

  • Seaview Hotel

  • Residence Inn Marriott

  • Grand Beach Hotel Surfside

  • Daddy-O Hotel

You will also have an abundance of options for dining while you are in the area. The Coffee Break, Mezcal Grill and Bar and Orlando's Pizza are just a few options that can appease even the most critical taste buds.

Bay Harbor Islands is a quaint town close to Miami. With so many activities in and near the town, it is the perfect destination for your Florida vacation.

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