Here Are Six Of The Best Restaurants In Florida

The Best Restaurants In Florida

The Sunshine State is home to quite a few wonderful restaurants. Many of the cities in Florida are visited by millions of tourists, and there are all kinds of unique eateries. Miami and Orlando have over 8,000 restaurants between them. With the ocean never too far away, and the tropical climate of Florida beckoning vacationers, business owners go all out. Here are six of the best restaurants in Florida.

1. The Boathouse, Orlando Florida

The next city is Orlando Florida, and the restaurant is The Boathouse. The Boathouse is located at 1620 East Buena Vista Drive. It is a great place to order up steak and seafood. How does a lobster bake sound? What about sliders, truffle fries and firecracker shrimp? The restaurant is in the Disney Springs area, and the reviews say that the food is absolutely delicious. You can also choose to dine outdoors there.

2. Al's Finger Licking Good BBQ, Tampa Florida

Tampa Florida has almost 2500 restaurants, so if you group Tampa with Miami and Orlando, you have 10,000 establishments to choose from. Out of those three cities, you are getting three of the best and then three more. Al's Finger Licking Good BBQ is the place in Tampa, and the picture of the ribs on a top travel side look great. Al's Finger Licking Good BBQ is located at 1609 Angel Oliva Senior Street, and you can enjoy all of your southern barbecue favorites there. Pecan pie is even on the menu. People say that the servings are huge as well.

3. Maple Street Biscuit Company, Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville is city #4, and the 4th restaurant on this list is going to be Maple Street Biscuit Company. I see that restaurant from time to time when writing travel articles about Florida, and it looks so good. Located at 2004 San Marco Boulevard, Maple Street Biscuit Company is known for its delicious biscuits and all kinds of great breakfast foods. The chicken biscuit is said to be one of the absolute best items on the menu. And by the way, it is called The Squawking Goat.

4. Palermo Pizza, Sarasota Florida

Sarasota is city #5, and there are almost 700 restaurants there. One of the best is known as Palermo Pizza, and it is located at 7515 South Tamiami Trail. Pizza, baked ziti, wings, garlic knots and more await you at Palermo Pizza. The place is said to have a friendly staff, and some say it is a hidden gem. It is hard for it to be a hidden gem though when it is one of the top ranked restaurants in Sarasota FL. The pizza served up there is Chicago style deep dish, and it looks really delicious in the pictures.

5. Jimmy Bear's Barbecue, Kissimmee Florida

Kissimmee Florida is up next, and this city is of course right by Orlando. It is a great place to visit, and the restaurant we are going to take a look at there is Jimmy Bear's Barbecue. The restaurant is located at 818 Pennsylvania Avenue, and there are actually pictures on a travel site of the burnt ends served up there. My goodness they look delicious. Enjoy all kinds of delicious barbecue there, and you can also expect fresh cut fries, fried green beans and what's called the Pitmaster Pie. Is anyone else's mouth watering?

Which city in Florida will you be close to next? Writing about that barbecue place in Kissimmee is making me hungry. All of those restaurants sound great, so keep them in mind as you travel around Florida. The Sunshine State is calling your name, and it is time for vacation. There are all kinds of other great restaurants out there to visit as well. If you are a foodie like I am, you are going to enjoy looking for them. For now, you have six of the best restaurants in Florida to try out when you get the chance.

6. Vero Italian Restaurant, Miami Florida

Each restaurant on the list will be from a different city. First up is Miami and its Vero Italian Restaurant. Located at 90 SE 1st Street, Vero Italian Restaurant is first and foremost known for its authentic Italian cuisine. Reviews mention a chocolate lava cake that sounds absolutely scrumptious, too. The restaurant is part of the downtown Miami scene, so this is your chance to check out more of that area while enjoying some delicious Italian food.

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Apart from visiting the famous restaurants in Florida, here is a list of some interesting things to do in Florida.

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