Why You Should Visit The Best Theme Parks in Florida

If you are planning a trip to Florida in the next year, you want to plan out what you will do and what you will see. There are quite a few theme parks in Florida, and you want to go to the best of them. If you were to narrow down where to go, you should spend your time at Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. If you visit these theme parks, you will have seen the best of the best.

Each of the theme parks is a little different, and there is a lot to see. You will need at least a week, if not longer to have the full experience. While this might cost you extra money, the vacation will be worth it, especially if you have children.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World will be the biggest of the theme parks. There are actually four theme parks and two water parks at Walt Disney World. There is a lot to see there. The best thing to do would be to get a hopper pass for a few days so you can go to all the parks when you want to.

One option is to do one park a day and having a couple of days to go back to the parks you enjoyed. A week at Walt Disney World would be a good idea. That way you can see everything you want to see, and you won't feel like you are missing out on anything.

Sea World

When you go to Sea World, you might be okay with just spending one day there. That way, you can see what Sea World has to offer. Look for any discounts you might qualify for such as military or senior. You can save some money that way.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios has a lot to offer families as well. With Harry Potter World and everything else at the park, you will not be bored. Plan to spend more than one day there and even an extra day for the water park.

Things To Take Into Account Before Visiting The Best Theme Parks In Florida

When planning your trip to see the best theme parks in Florida, you will need to decide what is essential to your family and what you can afford. You might not be able to see everything you want to see, but you can pick and choose what looks more interesting to you.

Trip With Kids

If you have smaller children, your trip will look a bit different than if it is just you and your spouse or if you have teens. Think about what your kids would be able to tolerate, and what would be the most fun for them. Keep that in mind as you make plans for your trip.

Consider The Best Time Of The Year

The time of year that you visit these theme parks is important as well. There will be a lot more people there over the summer and popular school breaks. If you can, try to visit in the offseason to avoid the heavy crowds. You should also keep an eye on the weather as that can be important to when you travel as well.

Take Tips From Your Friends

Talk to friends and family who have visited these theme parks in the past. They should have some tips for you, and you can learn more about them that way. You can look at their photos, and that can help get you excited about your trip and plan accordingly.


A budget can also affect what you see and how much you do. Make sure you go over your budget before you start planning. Decide how much you can spend and how long you will be able to go for. Make plans based on this and don't forget spending money.

When it comes to where you are going to stay, you have a lot of options. One thing you can do to save money is to rent a condo. Not only is this cheaper but you can also make some of your meals there, so you don't have to eat out every time. Take a look at your options for condos and where you might want to stay. You don't want to be too far from the parks as you might want to go back and rest during the day.

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