Why You Should Have Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

Do you have business interruption insurance for your company? You may not know what this is. There are many companies that do not have this, but it is often very necessary. If you have ever had an experience where there was a natural disaster which destroyed your building, preventing your company from functioning, this insurance can keep you going for quite some time. It is a separate policy from other types of business insurance that you may have, but it can be very useful if you are in the midst of a catastrophic event such as a tornado, hurricane, or any other natural disaster. This is how you can find the best prices on this type of insurance.

What Is A Business Interruption?

Let's assume that you have a business where you are providing products for people in your community, or perhaps distributing them statewide. You may have millions of dollars in merchandise at certain locations, stored within a warehouse. If a natural disaster occurs destroying not only the building, but all of the merchandise that you are selling, there is no way for you to continue your business. You will need to have this coverage to provide you with the money that will compensate you for the damage.

How To Get Business Interruption Insurance?

This insurance can be very helpful in the situations that have been mentioned. It's actually very easy to get. Most insurance providers will have this, and you will find yourself looking at different estimates from companies that offer this all across the country. If you decide to go through your current insurance provider, they will likely have it. If not, there will always be a company somewhere in the country that will provide for you. There are certain areas where it will be more expensive based upon your location. That's why it's so important to get multiple estimates from these companies.

Why Would It Be More Expensive In Certain Areas?

The main reason that it's going to be more expensive in some cases is because you happen to be in an area which will often have these problems. For example, if you are in Florida, in an area that is prone to having hurricanes, then it will certainly be more expensive. If you are in California, or other areas of the country where earthquakes might occur, you will also see higher premiums there. However, in some cases, you can get extremely low premium simply because you are not in a location where natural disasters are common.

How Much Coverage Can You Get?

The amount of coverage that you obtain is going to be based upon several different factors. First of all, if you have a small business, you may only need to get several hundred thousand dollars worth of coverage. If it is a large corporation, and you have multiple facilities, millions of dollars in coverage may be necessary. You can talk to the insurance agent that is going to provide this to you about how much it will cover. If it is an extremely low premium, this is something you need to be aware of. Just because the low cost is attractive, it does not mean that you will be fully covered for certain types of disasters, or they may have very low amounts of coverage for that particular policy.

What About The Deductible?

The deductible that you pay is going to be quite large if it is a cheaper policy. That's because to get low premiums, this is something that is required. On the other hand, if you have a policy that covers quite a bit, and has high premiums, your deductible will likely be less. If you can find a company that does have low premiums, and a reasonable deductible, you should get that one if it has the exact amount of coverage that you need. This is going to take a little bit of research on your part, or you could simply work with a business insurance broker that can have multiple companies send you estimates on their policies and premiums.

It may not be necessary to have this type of insurance in certain areas of the country. If you are not in a location that is prone to having tornadoes, hurricanes, or a history of high winds, then you should probably not worry about this at all. Yet, there is always the possibility that the unexpected can occur. You may have a storm one day that brings a microburst of winds that are pushing 100 mph, and this damage may collapse your ability to function. It is a great type of insurance to have just in case, and there are ways of saving money on the premiums. It begins with contacting as many companies as possible that offer it, and selecting one that you can afford.

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