Coral Castle In Miami Florida – History And Origins

Coral Castle Miami

There is a very unique tourist attraction in South Florida, located near Homestead. It is technically in a location called Leisure City, but when you read the literature that has been around for decades, they always refer to Homestead. It is about 30 miles south of Miami. It is a unique attraction for many reasons. It was built by a Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin back in the 1920s. He constructed this 1100 ton structure made of coral without the assistance of modern equipment. Standing just 5 feet tall, he was able to lift blocks that weighed in excess of 30 tons each. Although there are a few videos showing him in his early life, no one ever saw him move any of the pieces into place. Here is an overview of the Coral Castle that is near Miami, a modern day megalithic structure.

Origins Of The Coral Castle?

Edward Leedskalnin came from Latvia, traveling to America to find a better way of life. He first moved up into Canada, working in the lumber industry. He descended into Washington state, eventually developing tuberculosis. He was told that he could find someone to help him in the state of Texas. He mysteriously ended up in South Florida at a place called Florida City, lying in the middle of the road. He was found by a local realtor that helped nurse him back to health, which should not have happened because he had stage IV tuberculosis. He purchased a small piece of land in the Florida City area for a dollar, and that is where he created the first version of the Coral Castle. He subsequently moved into Homestead, bringing his coral blocks with him.

Why Is The Coral Castle Unique?

It is unique for several reasons. First of all, it is constructed as if by magic. For example, there is a nine ton gate which he placed at the east side of the castle, a gate made of an 18,000 pound block of coral. It was so perfectly balanced you could push the gate with your finger, and it would spin around. This, and many other amazing things were created by Edward Leedskalnin. It was first brought to prominence in the 1970s on a popular show called "In Search Of" with Leonard Nimoy. Since that time, millions of people have traveled to Homestead in order to see this amazing structure. When you arrive, you can buy a ticket to come in. You can then go on a guided tour, or simply take the self guided tour that is available. It will probably take you an hour or two to see everything, and some people find that they really don't want to leave.

What Will You See On The Tour

There are many different objects that were created by Ed that are made of coral. For example, there is a table that is in the shape of the state of Florida. There are chairs that are around the table which are very small, yet they way a minimum of 2000 pounds each. They are also perfectly balanced so that when you start to rock them, they will keep rocking back and forth for minutes. There is a fountain called the Moon Fountain which has a couple crescent-shaped chairs on either side. There is a curious six pointed star in the middle of the water. The combined weight of the fountain in the chairs is over 20 tons. There is also the Obelisk, a nearly 30 ton block of coral reminiscent of the obelisks that you would see in Egypt.

How Did He Create The Coral Castle

There are many theories as to how he created it which you will hear on the tour. Some people believe that he used pulleys. Others believe that he actually had help from people in the community. More fanciful ideas involve the possibility that he used some ancient and forgotten power. Ed stated in his tours, when he gave them decades ago, that he knew the secrets of the ancient Egyptians. Regardless of what you believe, it is a beautiful place that's easy to access. There is also a gift shop where you can get souvenirs. It may leave you wondering how in the world this single individual was able to do all of this on his own without anyone seeing him move a single block into place.

If you have never been to the Coral Castle before, you will be astounded. Many people do not understand how unique this place is because it is literally on the main highway. There are signs that will make you believe that it is simply a tourist attraction created with large styrofoam objects that are made to look like enormous blocks. However, they are very real. To this day, no one understands how he was able to accomplish this. It is a mystery that brings tourists in from all over the world to see this structure that defies conventional explanations.

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