The Most Interesting Things To Do In Florida

The Most Interesting Things To Do In Florida

If you have never been to Florida before, this is a state that everyone should see once or twice. It is considered by many to be the most unique of all of the continental states. It drops down to a very low latitude by comparison to all of the other states, making it one of the warmest. Florida is also known for having the highest concentration of amusement parks, and is the gateway to the Caribbean. However, instead of departing Florida on a vacation, you might want to find some things to do while you are there. Here are some of the most interesting things to do in Florida if you can visit this year.

Amusement Parks In Florida

One of the primary reasons that people visit Florida is to go to the many amusement parks. The highest concentration of them is in the city over Orlando. There is the Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando, and Islands of Adventure. You can also visit Walt Disney World, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Legoland Florida. This is just a handful of the many that are there. You could literally spend a month in Florida doing nothing but visiting the amusement parks and you would not be able to see them all. Instead of seeing amusement parks, you might want to consider experiencing the more natural aspects of the state.

Outdoor Activities And Tours

You have many choices when it comes to outdoor activities. One of the more popular attractions is to visit the Everglades, primarily located on the south portion of Florida. The best way to experience this is to take an airboat tour. You will get to see a couple of the many crocodiles species that are actively living in the South Florida region. You can then take a tour to see not only manatees in the water, but also dolphins that are going to swim by. Finally, you will need to get in a boat to go sailing, fishing, or go on a high-speed ride.

The Best Tours In Florida

The best tours in Florida can happen either on land door in the water. These can occur on the Atlantic, or you could do this in the Gulf of Mexico. A very popular tour involves a trip out to Shell Island. You may also want to see Florida from the air which can be done via helicopter, airplane, or you can take one of the majestic hot air balloon tours. Finally, each of the major cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or even Orlando will give you a tour of the city itself. Whether you go to Tallahassee, or Homestead to see the Coral Castle, you are going to have a fun time experiencing these tours which are absolutely exceptional.

Scuba Diving And Snorkeling

Another activity that you may want to consider doing is scuba diving, or perhaps just a little bit of snorkeling. You can see coral reefs that are just off the shore. While you are there, you might get lucky and see dolphins that will swim up, or green sea turtles. It's always an adventure when you can go into the warm waters off the coast of Florida.

Best Beaches In Florida

Finally, a trip to Florida is simply not complete unless you have been to these majestic beaches. They can be found on the east, south, and west portions of the state. The most popular beaches include Miami Beach, the beaches at Fort Lauderdale, and the beautiful West Coast beaches in Naples. You can also visit Clearwater, Destin, and Key West. While you are going out to the Florida Keys, you will see a multitude of beaches on either side.

One other excursion that you may want to consider is heading out to the Florida Keys. You will travel across 42 bridges until you come to the end. It is also possible that you may want to head out to the Caribbean once you are done with your exploration of Florida. Regardless of how long you have to spend in this beautiful state, you are going to have a great time. Whether you spend most of your time at the amusement parks, or simply driving around the state, you are going to always remember your trip to Florida.

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