Understanding The Importance Of Miami Condo Association Insurance

Miami Condo Association Insurance

Living in a condo is a great way to enjoy all of the perks of home ownership without the headaches of exterior upkeep and maintenance. With a condo, you own an individual unit inside a much larger building.

You are responsible for maintaining the interior of your home. The exterior upkeep and maintenance, however, falls to the condo owners' association. All of the condo owners pay a fee to the association that helps cover the cost of maintaining the building and the surrounding grounds.

The fee also includes extra money for Miami condo association insurance. Although you may initially balk at the idea of having to pay for additional insurance above and beyond the insurance that you already have for your condo, once you understand what this insurance does, you will quickly see that the extra expense is well justified.

In essence, condo association insurance covers any damage to the exterior of the property. For instance, if a major storm came through and damaged the roof, the repairs to the roof of the building would be covered by the insurance policy that was held by the condo association rather than by your individual insurance policy.

As a condo owner, you have to have two types of insurance - an individual policy that covers the property inside your unit and the condo association insurance policy that covers the exterior of the building. You are responsible for buying insurance for the interior of your property on your own. The cost of the exterior insurance, however, is usually included in your monthly condo association fee.

If you haven't already, talk to the condo owners' association to get an itemized list of how your monthly fee is broken down. In this list, you should see a specific amount of money set aside to cover insurance for the building and the surrounding grounds. You may even want to request a copy of the insurance policy to make sure that the building is adequately covered. Chances are, it is. However, it never hurts to check.

Ideally, the policy will not only include coverage for any damage to the property but also liability coverage in case anyone is injured on the grounds. This not only includes people who are passing through your property but also workers who are there performing work on the building itself or on the surrounding grounds. That way, if anyone sustains a major injury on the property, you and the other condo owners won't be liable for the cost of their medical care. Instead, the insurance policy will cover those expenses.

Even though part of your fee is going to cover the cost of insurance, you still need to buy a separate policy on your own to cover the inside of your unit. Your individual insurance plan should provide coverage for both the interior fixtures of your property as well as for your personal belongings.

When shopping for insurance, it is important to look for a plan that complements the exterior insurance carried by the condo owners' association. You may need to talk directly to an insurance agent to get the right type of plan for your needs. They can help you evaluate your living situation to decide just how much insurance you need.

Again, this is where having a copy of the condo association insurance plan can help. Being able to sit down with an agent and evaluate the coverage that you already have helps ensure that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a policy for the interior of your property.

Disaster can strike without warning. It is extremely important to make sure that your property is covered - both inside and out. That way, you won't be caught off guard by unexpected problems that occur as a result of severe weather, break-ins, or other issues.

When you own a condo, it can be hard to determine which areas of the property you are responsible for and which areas are managed by the condo association. It is important to talk to someone at your condo owners' association to find out exactly what type of insurance you need for your individual unit. That way, you can purchase a policy that will complement the Miami condo association insurance plan that is already in place.

Insuring a condo is a lot different than insuring a standalone home. In most cases, the condo owners' association takes care of purchasing insurance for the building itself, including the roof, building structure, and foundation. Individual condo owners are responsible for insuring the personal property that they keep inside their units. If you need further clarification, you may want to talk to a qualified insurance agent to get advice and input on what type of insurance you need for your specific situation.

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