Experience The Fun At Miami Seaquarium

Set on a tropical paradise that spans over 38-acres, Miami Seaquarium is a place where you can watch killer whales flying through the air and dolphins walking on water. This top rated marine-life park offers a selection of fun activities suitable for the whole family and is regarded as one of the top attractions for visitors and tourists to the area. When you choose the full-day admission tickets, you get to experience over 10 educational and interactive exhibits. Some of the animals in this marine park include stingrays, sea lions, manatees, killer whales, sea turtles and dolphins.

Sea Turtles In Miami Sequarium

The Miami Seaquarium offers an plethora of marine-life. This park offers a way to view a variety of turtle species that include hawksbill turtles, sea turtles which are an endangered species, leatherback turtles, green sea turtles, loggerhead turtles and Kemp’s ridley turtles. Other mammals of interest in the park, include the highly popular bottlenose and Pacific dolphins and the killer whales which are also known as orcas. The pinnipeds are the seals, walruses, sea lions, the California sea lions and the harbor seals along with Florida’s very own manatees.

Animal Exhibits At Miami Seaquarium

You can view these animals in the animal exhibits or through exploring the Sea Trek Reef Encounter which includes a walking journey underwater through a tropical reef 300,000 gallon tank. The exhibits on offer include:

• Tropical Reef, which includes a 750,000-gallon aquarium that teems with reef fish of every color, description and size

• Shark Channel

• Discover Bay, set in a natural environment of mangrove forests where you can see Florida birds, sea turtles along with other wildlife

• The Sea Lions, Seals and Manatees

• Tropical Fish Aquariums

• Tropical Wings, where you can catch a glimpse of flamingos, Peeps the resident peacock, macaws and cockatiels

• Salty’s Pirate Playground

• Sharky’s Sky Trail

• Stingray Exhibit

• Crocodile Flats

Underwater Helmet-Diving At Miami Seaquarium

This experience does not require that you have to be a scuba diver. Here you can take part in one of the most interactive and unforgettable exhibits on offer in Miami. This underwater walking-journey takes place in a 300,000-gallon tropical reef tank. The Sea Reef Encounter is a guided 20-minute tour which is a replication of real tropical reef, which comes with various unique and beautiful sea creatures along with sting rays and tropical fish.

Sea Trek Reef Encounter

If you take part in the Sea Trek Reef Encounter, the tour starts off with changing your clothes for one of the provided wetsuits. Make sure you bring along your bathing suit. You will then be offered with a towel and a private locker room where you can change. This underwater and unique walking journey involves state-of-the-art diving helmets that allows for complete free breathing. You will sink slowly into the tropical reef tank where a guide will be waiting for you to follow. During this 20-minute journey you will easily spot an abundance of sting rays, tropical fish and many different types of sea creatures you may have never seen before. This tour also allows you the opportunity to watch the divers feeding a variety of fish in schools.

Exhibits and Shows at Miami Seaquarium

Apart from the Sea Trek Reed Encounter, make sure you take full advantage of all the exhibits and shows at Miami Seaquarium. A few of these shows on offer are inclusive of the Top Deck Dolphin that features the flying antics of the bottlenose dolphins performing breath-taking rolls and leaps. At the Golden Dome, you get to experience comical adventures of the Sea Lion named Salty along with his Reef Ranges. Other attractions include the Flipper Dolphin Show in combination with a Dolphin and Killer Whale performance. There are also a number of exhibits that show off stingrays, tropical fish, crocodiles, sea lions, sharks, seals and manatees.

Working Hours Of Miami Seaquarium

The Miami Seaquarium is open every day from 9am to 5pm. This entertainment park offers 8 marine animal presentations and shows and is the home to the TV superstar Flipper and Lolita the Killer Whale. Visitors to this marine park are able to get really close to a number of friendly mammals through the dolphin-interaction program at Dolphin Harbor or through the underwater walk. Entry to this park is charged at $44.99 for adults and $34.99 for children. Additional restrictions and fees are applicable to some of the animal encounters.

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