Insurance You Need As In Independent Contractor

Being your own boss and working as an independent contractor has many benefits but there are also some drawbacks to the arrangement. You aren’t going to be eligible for benefits from the companies you are working for and you are going to need to pay self-employment taxes on your earnings. You are also going to want to carry insurance to protect yourself and your finances. The type of insurance you need is going to depend on the type of services you provide.

Independent contractors are not thought of as employees so you aren’t subject to tax withholding. When you are an independent contractor you get to be independent and choose the work you want to do which is very freeing. You can work when you want and choose the people that you want to work for.

You can deduct all of your business expenses on your taxes, including mileage which can save you quite a bit of money when you file your taxes. Claiming all the expenses that you can is going to lower the amount of taxes you have to pay and help you save money. You want to save all that you can since you never know how much money you are going to be making. You don’t have a guaranteed paycheck when you are an independent contractor and you have to save money when you can. Check out for additional information.

You have to pay all of your business expenses upfront, though you can deduct them when you file your taxes. You can also deduct the insurance you take out as an independent contractor. You aren’t going to have a big benefit package as an independent contractor and you will have to pay for your own health insurance plan and put money away to pay for your retirement.

You also have to set money aside for your taxes and the taxes you have to pay when you are independent go to pay for your Social Security and Medicare benefits. You will need a certain amount of credits before you can claim those benefits when you retire. You should also protect yourself by carrying insurance.

Independent Contractor insurance

Additional Insurance Coverage

Disability insurance is a good idea for every independent contractor. Disability insurance will help you if you get hurt on the job or have an accident that makes it impossible to work. You could get into a car accident or even fall off a ladder. If your accident prevents you from working you will get a certain amount of money each week that can keep you solvent while you are recovering. The cost of disability insurance is going to depend on many factors including your age and occupation. The more danger that is involved in your job, the higher your premiums are going to be. Visit us at

If you are a contractor you are going to need to take out a performance bond. Performance bonds protect you and your clients in case you can’t complete your contract. A performance bond protects you from being personally sued if you can’t complete the contract. If you were personally sued you could lose everything and your assets could be seized. The performance bond will guarantee that the project gets finished by the deadline.

Another form of insurance that you are definitely going to need is Miami liability coverage. Liability coverage protects you in case your job goes wrong. This type of insurance is something you are going to need if you are working the type of job where someone might sue you for injuries like a dentist or builder. If one of your clients sues you for any reason your liability coverage will cover their damages and pay their medical bills. If you are a writer or work in a profession where you aren’t going to be coming into contact with other people then you won’t need liability coverage.

Commercial auto coverage is another form of insurance you are going to need if you do a lot of driving as part of your job. You might be a landscaper for example and need to do a lot of driving around to pick up plants and work on the yards of multiple people. If you wreck your car on the way to the nursery or to your client’s home, the commercial auto coverage will pay for the costs of the accident.

Having the right insurance is important when you are an independent contractor. Your insurance is going to protect you from financial ruin if anything happens to you or if a client decides to sue you. You don’t want to have your personal finances be wiped out if anything happens so it is important to carry insurance to minimize your risk of financial loss. The more your work involves other people, the higher amounts of insurance coverage you are going to need to protect yourself.