Top Rated Beaches In Florida And In The Entire Country

Top Rated Beaches In Florida

Florida arguably has the best beaches in the US. There are plenty of other states with great beaches, but the Sunshine State is well known for its beautiful beaches. Have you ever vacationed on any beaches in Florida? There are so many popular places to visit in Florida that it makes it difficult to rank the beaches there. They are all great, but the following beaches are some of the best in Florida.

1. Beaches in Key West

It is hard to talk about the best beaches in Florida without mentioning Key West. It is off the mainland, but Key West is a must visit if you vacation in Florida from time to time. Some of the activities that you can do there on the beaches sound really cool and unique, too. For example, you can rent a glass bottom kayak, and that sounds really cool. One area you might want to visit is Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. Key West is a location of course and not just a specific beach, but that is how this list is going to begin.

2. Clearwater Beach

In Key West, you can find really popular beaches that are packed during the season, and you can find ones that are rocky, secluded and private, too. Now it's time to look at some other beaches in cities located throughout the Florida mainland. Clearwater Beach is the name of the next one, and it is located on the Gulf Coast. Have you heard of the Pinellas Peninsula?

Clearwater Beach is a great place for all vacationers, meaning there is something for everyone. Couples love vacationing along the 3 mile stretch of Clearwater Beach, and families love vacationing there, too. Plus, when you are in Clearwater, you aren't far away from Tampa FL. Do you want to go fishing? Would you like to go on a dolphin cruise?

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3. Atlantic Beach

The next beach is Atlantic Beach. There you will find white sand that is extra soft. Doesn't that seem like it would be so beautiful? Plus, just like Clearwater being close to Tampa, Atlantic Beach is close to Jacksonville. You know you would also have fun in Jacksonville, and JAX has some of Florida's best beaches, too. One of the cool things about Atlantic Beach is that you will get that small town charm while vacationing on one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

4. Naples Beach

Destin and Pensacola feature some of the most beautiful beaches in America, too, and they are of course also on the gulf side of Florida. Then there is Naples Beach and Millionaires Row. You will also want to check out Naples Pier. Naples Beach also features white sand and and beautiful ocean waters reminiscent of the Caribbean. Another top beach you might want to visit is at Delnor-Wiggins State Park.

5. Siesta Key Beach

Another one of Florida's best beaches is Siesta Key Beach, and it is a great place to visit if you want to experience a vacation in a cottage. The cottages there are said to be cozy, and that makes for a very relaxing trip. As for the beaches, it starts to sound redundant if you say waters reminiscent of the Caribbean and white sands. That just tells you how great the beaches in Florida really are.

6. Daytona Beach

How many Florida beaches have you visited? There is also Miami Beach, Daytona Beach and many more. If you are looking for waves to surf, you are going to want to get a spot to vacation on the Atlantic coast of Florida. Daytona Beach is a good spot for that surfing vacation.

Do you have a preference as to the gulf side of Florida or the Atlantic side of Florida? Why not try out both, especially if you have never been to Florida. You have been given the names of some of the best beaches in Florida. And just remember, they aren't just the best beaches in the Sunshine State but the best beaches in the country. It would be cool to take an entire month and travel around the peninsula visiting all of the best beaches. It would be difficult, but what a vacation it would be. Maybe you would rather take it one beach vacation at a time though as you travel Florida's beaches.

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