Get Ready To Enjoy Some Of The Best Beaches In Miami

Enjoy The Best Beaches In Miami

If you visit Florida from time to time on vacation, you most definitely have to make it to Miami. The beaches in this southern port city are some of the best, and of course great beaches are a trademark of Florida in general, too. Miami is also home to many adventurous attractions and things to do. This article is going to focus on the best beaches in Miami, the Magic City. Before you are done reading, you are going to know what beaches you want to explore along the Atlantic Coast in Miami Florida.

South Beach at Lummus Park, Miami

What's the absolute best beach in Miami? The list has to start somewhere or course, and which beach gets top spot could definitely be debated. Some would say South Beach, and this short list of the best beaches in Miami is not going to disappoint. If you are a local, you know the beach that is about to be named, but vacationers might not have heard of this one, yet. It is Lummus Park Beach, but guess what, South Beach is part of Lummus Park.

This beautiful beach is located within the art deco historic district. South Beach may get a little wild and be considered party central, along with its beauty, but it is the place to be. Not only do you get the postcard perfect beach, but you also are privy to a paved promenade and so much more. Do you care for some beach volleyball?

Did you know that South Beach is part of Lummus Park? It is the place to be when it comes to restaurants and shopping in Miami, too. Now, we have established the best beach in Miami, but all of them are great. We have to look at more of them, and the next one is North Beach. North Beach is specifically located between 75th Street and 79th Street.

There is where you go when you want a beautiful beach along with peace and quiet. There will be people of course, but there aren't all the restaurants and the other hustle and bustle of South Beach. You might catch some live music there, and you can certainly plan on a starlit beach night, sitting there with your partner and taking in such a romantic scene. Live music was mentioned casually, but the venue there is said to be one of the best places for live music shows in Miami.

Driving Directions:

Virginia Key Beach Park, Miami

Virginia Key Beach Park is a historic place, and it is peaceful and even more secluded than North Beach. Reviews say to grab a tiki umbrella and relax in the sun. However, it's not like you can't get a little adventuresome there, too. You can get out there and go paddle boarding, kayaking and more. To do that, you just need to stop by the outdoor center.

Surfside Beach, Miami

Are you a local? Perhaps you are on vacation, but you want to feel like a local. Well, there is a very astute portion of the coastline in Miami that has that type of feel, and it is called Surfside Beach. This beach is also a great place to check out some public art. It's not going to be a bustling beach atmosphere, but it's all in what you want out of a beach.

Haulover Beach, Miami

Are you traveling on business, as a couple, with your entire family, a group of friends or what? If you are local, you can pick the beach that matches what is going on at the time for you. And that might be one of the beaches already mentioned, or it could be this next one, Haulover Beach Park is known for being dog-friendly. So this might be a place to go if you and the people you are with bring dogs. It is also well known for being a beach that is clothing optional.

What do you think about these top Miami Beaches? There are some good ones for sure, and these are just some of what's out there. Make no mistake about it though, South Beach at Lummus Park and the rest of the Miami Beaches mentioned are certainly some of the best. So pick your place, or try to make it to all of them as you spend time in Miami Florida.

Miami is a place that has a lots to offer to everyone. Also know more about the best family-resorts in Miami.

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